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Help For Syrian Earthquake Victims

$19,540 raised

$30,000 goal

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On Monday February 6th a magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck portion of Southern Turkey and Northern Syria. This is a poor area also home to hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. It will take weeks to get a full assessment but early reports are that thousands have lost their lives and many more injured and homeless.

This area was already suffering under a harsh winter with many people struggling to find sufficient food and heating oil. Daytime temps are in the low 40s and below freezing at night.

CHLF immediately began contacting trusted partner pastors on the ground and asking how we could help.

They answered that heating supplies, blankets, food, and warm clothes were urgently needed. One responded that hundreds of families with children are sleeping in the streets in the rain tonight for fear that aftershocks will bring down what structures remain. One pastor reported that a whole family from his church, with two small children, was lost when their house collapsed.

Concerned Christian around the world are responding to this pressing need. Hours after the quake our partner church in Cana, Israel held a prayer meeting and pledged $500 to help affected churches.

We are now inviting our US partners to be a part of a generous response to these families in great need.